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🐎 Lucky Horse Club 🐎

A collection of 10.000 unique handmade Horse NFTs - unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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Lucky Horse Club is a DeRace Program betting club!

Created from the idea of a former Wall Street investor after losing 38 million dollars in an unexpected all-in. Patryck then forms a New York underground group with fellow investors from his former network and decides to create a betting community around the world.

Over the past few years, this group has found itself in secret places and bets on different programs.

Now on the internet, the community conquers the world and releases the cry for freedom. The first foray is in the game DeRace and to sponsor this moment the NFT Lucky Horse Club was created.

10,000 NFTs will be offered for sale and divided into two stages. For the second collection, we will bring big surprises for the members of this select group of people.

With audacious goals, the betting club seeks to unite the community and generate value for everyone involved, reversing part of the collection to the community. Everything will be possible through the purchase of racecourses, where 50% of the bets placed on the club racecourses will revert to the community.

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September 22, 2021

LuckyHorseClub and GOdF - GRAND ORIENT DE FRANCE!  This partnership brings in addition to great power influence in Europe, as resources to achieve our goals!  Thank you for believing in our work!

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September 22, 2021

BRAZILIAN ANIMAL GAME and LuckyHorseClub!  This partnership brings in addition to great power of influence in South America, vast telecommunications network and resources to achieve our goals!  Thank you for believing in our work!

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